First Ride in America of the New Year 2017

I have been in Egypt since the 27th of December 2016. I got back to the USA about 2 weeks ago. The weather here in Helena has been cold and there is still Ice and Snow on the roads. It has been melting. A couple days ago I shoveled a pathway from my garage to the street. Then I put Ice Melt all over the area to get rid of the ice. The weatherman said the next few days would be a warming trend. Wednesday I got up and did a couple things around the house and then I connected a charger to the battery in my Indian and put a heater on the engine. After a couple hours, I started the bike. It fired right up. The temperature was about 33 degrees Farenheit, but the roads were mostly clear and the street cleaners had been running. So I took a little ride. I left the house and went up I-15 North to Wolf Creek. There I turned around and headed back. The sky was blue over the highway and it was beautiful. It looked like it was snowing to the West, North and South, but where I was it was clear and sunny. I rode South on I-15 from Wolf Creek to the Lincoln exit. I headed East towards Canyon Ferry lake. I rode by Lake Helena then turned South after the causeway and rode the dirt road South that is on the East side of Lake Helena. The sky was still clear. It was warmer here than it was earlier. I rode South to the Canyon Ferry road or Custer or whatever it is called in East Helena. I rode West towards home and pulled back into the driveway and put my bike back in the garage. What a great little ride. I put about 80 miles on. The temperature varied between 33 and 42 degrees Farenheit. My balls never got cold, thanks to the Heated Seat on that machine and the Heated Grips kept my hands warm – except for my thumbs – but they didn’t get too cold. Overall it was a great little ride. Good for my Spiritual Self.

Today is Thursday. It snowed more than 4 inches overnight and it was 16 degrees Farenheit outside. I am so glad I went on a ride yesterday. Tomorrow I am on my way to Singapore for some Dive Supervisor training. I’ll be back home in ten days. Maybe the weather will be better for riding then. I hope so. Still really glad I got to go on a little ride yesterday!