Hannigan Heritage Sidecar

I like to ride a Lot. I bought my Indian Chief Dark Horse on June 20th, 2016 with 1 mile on it. As of June 20th, 2017 I had put 34,254 miles on the Indian. I put the Roadmaster seat and the Rear Trunk with Backrest on my Indian to make it more comfortable for Cindy, but rides of duration more than a couple hours made her uncomfortable. So we decided to put a Sidecar on the Indian. We looked at lots of them and decided to go with Hannigan’s Heritage Sidecar.

Hannigan built the Sidecar especially for me and my Motorcycle – as they do for everyone that purchases a Sidecar from them. Since my Dark Horse is close to being all Blacked Out, I wanted a completely Blacked Out Sidecar. Hannigan, of course, obliged. The Sidecar they built for me and mounted to my Indian is the Very First one they have done completely Blacked Out. All the Frame, Bumpers and Every Single Piece of Hardware was Powder Coated Flat Black.

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