Cindy in Duna on '68 BMW R50/2

My Philosophy

2 Wheels, or 3, is the best way to see the world.  You experience the places you visit with All of your senses – not just your eyes like when you are in an automobile, bus, train, or any other vehicle that is enclosed.  It doesn’t matter what Marque or Brand of machine you choose – they All have their Good points and Bad points.

Meet the Family

These are the people that support me, keep me going and sometimes keep me on the right track.

If there is such a thing!

Cindy Lou

Love of My Life

Spouse, Wife, Keeper of the Home

We met in 2000, got married in 2004, and have been living the good life ever since.  We lived off the Grid in Wolf Creek, Montana until the Spring of 2007 when we moved into a Victorian House built in 1885.  Cindy is a Realtor – Buyer’s Agent – in Helena.



Daddy’s Little Girl

Daughter, First Born

Born in 1993 in Spokane, Washington.  Her mom is Brasilian.  Anarachel spent 5 of her childhoold years living in Brasil.  She Graduated from North Central High School in Spokane, Washington Class of 2012.  She studied Graphic Design at Western Washington University in Bellingham.  She got to spend the 2016 Fall Semester studying in London, England in a Study Abroad Program.  Anarachel graduated in the spring of 2017.  Now she is starting a New Chapter in her life!


Numma Wan Son

Second Born

Born in 1998 in Spokane, Washington.  His mother is Brasilian.  He spent 5 of his childhood years in Brasil with his sister, Anarachel, and their mom.  He graduated from Capitol High School in Helena, Montana Class of 2016.  He lived in Bozeman, going to MSU for a couple years.  He moved to Spokane in June of 2021 and is currently working there.

Boo and Spook

Our Two Cats

or Are We Their Slaves?

We got Spook and Boo from a Ranch just south of Great Falls, Montana just before Hallowe’en. They were born on August 27th, 2013. Cindy was looking for a single cat, she wanted a female. We went to the Ranch to look at the cats. The ad said there were 6 kittens. When we got there, only 2 were left; a tiny grey female Polydactyl and a slightly larger, all black male. Cindy said “We’ll take the female.” The owner said “okay, and by the way these are my daughter’s cats and she is moving out tomorrow. She doesn’t want to take the kittens with her, only the mom, so any left over kittens will be left to themselves out on the Ranch.” Well, I couldn’t leave that cute little black guy all alone on a big scary Ranch with no other adult cats to show him the ropes. Wile E. Coyote would get him in No time! We brought both of them home. They are great cats and very affectionate, if not a little demanding. Spook is black and not a Polydactyl while Boo is grey with mitten toes on both her front paws.