Missoula MT- Empower SCI Camp is finally here! Sam arrived at the University of Montana Pantzer Hall, on Sunday, June 12th, 2022. Camp ran through Saturday the 18th.

Day 1 – Arrival at Pantzer Hall

This is such a great resource and right here in Montana!

Check out Empower SCI in Missoula at: www.empowersci.org

My Experience with Empower

Part One: Preparing to go

Here is where my Empower SCI story starts. It was such an Incredible experience it is hard to describe. I cannot say enough about how much this week with the Empower group has affected my life. However it wasn’t all candy and roses for me right off the bat.

I had a Catastrophic Motorcycle Accident on June 3rd, 2018. I was riding my Motorcycle on a small Highway in Central Alabama heading North to Kentucky. I spent about two months in the UAB Hospital – University of Alabama Birmingham. That was an incredible place – twenty-seven City Blocks Huge! It is a training hospital which was really good for us because the nurses taught Cindy how to take care of me. We had no idea how important that would be once we got back home to Helena, Montana. Also, if I hadn’t been sent there, I probably would have died which, when I woke up after a few weeks. I wondered why I hadn’t.

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Below you will find some photos from my week with Empower SCI in Missoula, Montana. Please enjoy.

Thank you for your interest.

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* * *

Kelly and Karla
Liz, Stephanie, Carrie, Mo

sam, Toni, and Tom
Bagels, Cream Cheese, and Fruit Breakfast Buffet. Yumm, Yumm!
Liz and Mo challenged Phoebe and me to a game of Corn Hole.
Empower group at Placid Lake, Montana
Steve Smith with Hydrologistics Montana takes us for a Drift Boat ride
Mason and sam
RyanB and Liz
Bre, RyanB, Lauren, and Ken
Empower group at Conflux restaurant in Missoula, Montana
Liz, Cindy, sam, and Carrie

Empower SCI 2022 Montana. It was an incredible, life-changing experience for me. I met so many fabulous people. Thank you to everyone involved and especially those who talked me into going; Cindy, Ken, and Mike. I am So glad I didn’t back out. Big Smiles.

You can buy my book here:


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