Questions, questions, So Many Questions!  I will do my best to answer any questions you have - they don't even have to be about Motorcycles or Sidecars.

How many wheels does a sidecar have?

A Sidecar typically has one wheel.  When mounted to a Motorcycle the Sidecar Rig or Combination has 3 wheels.

Trikes have 3 wheels. Are Sidecars Trikes?

Trikes Do have 3 Wheels, however, they are Completely different than Sidecars and No, Sidecars are Not Trikes.  Remember Trikes are NOT Bikes.

What is more fun, A Sidecar Rig or a Motorcycle without a Sidecar?

Well, that is a loaded question.  They are two different vehicles with all their own plusses and minusses.  I like them both and each has their place in the Motorcycle World.  I will talk about this at some other spot on this website.