History of sidecarsam

I was born in Idaho, followed by 4 years in Germany, a year in Japan and then back to the States where I graduated High School. I joined the Navy right out of High School, did 4 years then got out and went to a Commercial Dive school.  I have been a Commercial Diver ever since.  I started riding motorized 2-wheelers when I was 8.  I bought my first - a Montgomery Wards Moped - when I was 13.  At 16 I was riding a Honda 125 Enduro.  While in the Navy I bought a Honda CX500, my very first Brand New Motorcycle.  Since then I have owned many Motorcycles and still do.


I wanted a sidecar?

Well, I thought it would be easier to take both kids on a ride at the same time rather than take one on a ride then turn right around and take the other on a ride.  So after a Lot of research, contemplation and looking around, I bought a Ural Patrol.  I have since bought (and sold) several sidecar rigs and sidecars.  I currently have three rigs set up, one sidecar that is almost ready to go (it needs some frame work) and another that needs complete rebuilding.


I bought a motorcycle in Germany.  I went on Ebay.de and bought a 1994 K75 sight unseen.  I did this in January of 2010.  Then in May, my wife and a friend (who did the same thing with a BMW F650GS) flew to Germany for a 4 week Motorcycling Vacation in Europe.

Our plan was to see All of Western Europe including the Iberian Peninsula and maybe a little of Eastern Europe.  After all, we had 4 weeks and Western Europe is only Half the size of the Continental US.  Ha!  Little did we know!

We had a Great time, but only saw Bavaria and Northern Italy - we, of course, rode through Austria and my friend rode a couple days in Switzerland.  We ended up spending about 10 days in Italy and the rest of the time in Southern Germany.  We did NOT see All that we wanted to see.  I guess we just need to go back again and again!