Back Home! Messing with the Indian Dark Horse.

I bought the PVCX back in November 2016 for a pretty good price – got it from FuelMoto. Due to the type of work I do and having to be out of town a Lot, I didn’t get a chance to use it until March or so. I’m not tech savvy and by the time I was ready there were updates for the PVCX. I was having no luck, so I called FuelMoto and Brian there helped me out – in fact I gave him control of my computer and he loaded everything on the module for me. Then he stayed on the line and walked me through the actual reflashing of my bike. Excellent customer service. Thanks Brian!

The weather wasn’t very nice, so I only got one little short ride in before I had to go back out of town again. I didn’t get a Good feel for the changes – it was peppier and seemed to run stronger, but like I said – not enough of a ride to really tell.

Well I got back home a few days ago. I had internet access while I was out of town and was keeping up on the info about the PVCX. Well come to find out that not All the changes I wanted to be made on the reflash were being done anymore – like the Speed Governors weren’t being removed anymore. It’s not THAT big a deal and my wife sees no need to raise the max speed, but I don’t like having performance Governed. I don’t really like any type of Governing – but that’s another story. Well I don’t know how to modify the maps. I hooked the PVCX up to my computer to see if I could figure it out. There was a pop-up stating that my PVCX needed an update – now I don’t know how that affects anything. I had been communicating with @CraigB1960 about the PVCX, so I decided to contact him again. He walked me through everything and he also modified the Map I got from FuelMoto and helped me load it onto the PVCX. Thanks Craig!

Friday morning I loaded the new map into my Dark Horse then took it on a little ride. Hee hee. Yeehaw! There is noticeable performance increase. I am pretty heavily handed on the Throttle, so didn’t really notice much difference in throttle response, but the Horse gets up to speed faster than it did before. I haven’t yet had a chance to see what the top speed difference, if any, is yet but soon I will find out.

Overall I am really happy with the new performance. It was money well spent for me. And I couldn’t have done it without the help of Brian and Craig. Thank you Brian! Thanks again Craig!

I’m going for another ride. Catch you all later.